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Rebelle Panty Liners

Rebelle Panty Liners are a thinner, slimmer version of your sanitary pads and are designed for the days you’re not menstruating. Liners work as a protective layer for your panties when there is a slight vaginal discharge or even when there is spotting between periods. These liners can also be used for urinary incontinence.

Even during your period, liners can be used on light flow days, offering you comfort and protecting your panties from the dampness that occurs during this time.

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Rebelle Panty Liners

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Product Description

  • 100% natural cotton cloth & eco-friendly panty liners
  • Pack of 8 liners
  • Holds any discharge you may experience & keeps you covered from unexpected spotting in between periods
  • Soft & breathable material that is gentle on skin
  • Panty Liners with no chemicals, gel & plastic
  • The leak-proof layer is made of PUL fabric


Your regular panty liners may not be eco-friendly but Rebelle panty liners are made of 100% natural cotton cloth and they are reusable, so they don’t harm the environment.

Long-term usage of regular panty liners may cause rashes & itches due to the chemicals, gel & plastic present in them but when you choose Rebelle, you pick the naturally more comfortable and safer way to care for yourself during your periods. They protect you from skin infections, not just leaks.

While the PUL layer in Rebelle reusable panty liners is water-resistant, it allows your skin to breathe as it doesn’t restrict the flow of air.

How to wash

  • Soak the used liner in cold water for 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Use a mild soap to gently wash the pad.
  • Do not use a brush or fabric softener.
  • Squeeze and wash like any other garment.
  • It can also be put in a washing machine after rinse.
  • Once washed, let it dry in the sun completely.


Rebelle panty liners are meticulously hand-stitched so the size & shape may vary a little and the printed designs would keep changing.

Size Chart

  • Small – 200 mm
  • Regular – 260 mm

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